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We’re forever toying with the idea of getting tattoos here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re currently uninked, it is extraordinary work like that from world famous tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, that constantly plays on our mind and will inevitably compel us to take the plunge at some point. So, when we discovered that they supremely talented chap had leant his creative talents to a new series of belts from one of the best in the business, Beltology, we inevitably sat up and took notice.

The Dr. Woo for Beltology collection consists of three limited edition designs which have been carefully curated and designed by the man himself and, if you’re au fait with the artistic talents of Dr. Woo, you’ll realise what a coup this is on the part of Beltology. Consistently called “the most in demand tattoo artist in the world”, Dr. Woo is a name that requires no introduction truth be told and we’ve long been fans of his tattooing prowess here at Coolector HQ and you’ll be pleased to hear this awesomeness has well and truly been transplanted into this cracking collection of belts he’s crafted for Beltology.

Design and creativity is clearly in the blood for Dr. Woo and you’ll see this shine through in these three limited edition designs which are positively oozing in style. Available in the wonderfully named Blue Cable, Ghost Web and Midnight Arrow iterations, any man in the market for a genuinely stand out belt this Christmas definitely need look no further. Take a look at a few more shots of these top notch belts from Dr. Woo and Beltology below:


DrWoo-Beltology-002 (1)




We’re massive fans of out of the ordinary collaborations here at Coolector HQ and this one between Dr. Woo and Beltology is one that came out of left field and bowled us over. Beltology are one of the best purveyors of men’s accessories out there and the fact that they’ve managed to enlist the unparalleled artistic talents of the world’s most recognised tattoo artist is testament to the high regard in which they are held.

The belts themselves are made from Interwoven stretch waxed cotton and elastic rayon for an impressive level of durability and aesthetic appeal and their understated design will be sure to appeal to any stylish chap out there. Belts are one of those accessories that, when you find the right one, you’ll wear it extensively and, quite frankly, we can think of few that we’ve been more impressed with of late than this extraordinary Dr. Woo for Beltology collection.

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