Draught Beer Jelly Beans

As firm beer fans here at Coolector HQ, we’re unduly attentive to anything that even mildly pertains to our favourite tipple but when the thing in question is another of our favourite things – jelly beans – then you better believe that our interests levels were positively stratospheric. Allow us to introduce to the greatest invention, quite literally since sliced bread, Draught Beer Jelly Beans.

The chaps behind Jelly Beans are known for their innovative flavours which perhaps makes it surprising that we have had to wait so long for the flavour that every right minded man has been waiting for since the dawn of time – beer. Well, the wait is now well and truly over and you can chow down on beer flavoured deliciousness until your heart’s content with this tasty treat. As you might have expected, the taste team at Jelly Belly (who create the jelly beans) have been positively inundated with requests for a beer flavour for decades and they have finally succumbed to peer pressure and deliver to us exactly what we wanted.

Don’t get too excited though – the Draught Beer Jelly Beans are alcohol free so don’t expect to be able to get merry after downing a bag full of these but you can create some pretty impressive Jelly Bean cocktails courtesy of this newly launched beer flavour such as these below:



So, if you’re one of those people who have been on Jelly Belly’s case for the last few decades to create a beer flavoured jelly bean, we here at The Coolector owe you a debt of gratitude. First round’s on us.

Price: $9

Available: Jelly Belly

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