Drew Pencil Lamp

Staying creative is invariably about surrounding yourself with the right things in your workspace to keep the creative juices flowing and to this end, awesome looking pieces of design like this Drew Pencil Lamp from Michael & George definitely falls into that bracket.


The Drew Pencil Lamp is, as the name admirably illustrates, a lamp in the shape of a pencil but one that really goes above and beyond from an aesthetic and performance point of view. For anyone looking for a great and eye-catching source of lighting for their own creative workspace then look no further.

Humble Beginnings

The pencil is the most rudimentary of tools that we use truth be told but also one of the most fundamental and this is a fact that is being celebrated with the Drew Pencil Lamp from Michael & George. This exceptional piece of design aims to promote those lightbulb ‘eureka’ moments when you’re sitting at your desk and it is the sort of playful design that we’re fans of here at Coolector HQ.



Cleverly designed with a whole host of cool features, the Drew Pencil Lamp combines both form and function wonderfully well and will really bring any workspace to life and make you the envy of your colleagues.

Get Creative

It’s not just the pencil itself that is the creative part of this lamp from Michael & George, that is funding over on Kickstarter right now, it also has two metres of cable to play with and deploy in any style of scribble that you see fit.



There is more or less no limit to the sort of people that can appreciate and make use of the Drew Pencil Lamp. It is extremely well designed, playful and a genuinely functional lighting solution that will illuminate and elevate any creative’s workspace. Crafted from a solid timber body, with a bright LED bulb, brass clip and gold embossed branding, the quality with this brilliant desk accessory really is second to none.

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