Topo Designs Fall Collection

There are brands that sell outdoors style clothing and there are brands that are, quite simply, outdoors brands. Topo Designs falls firmly into the latter and the quality of their wares never ceases to amaze us here at Coolector HQ. For those of you who like their outdoor accessories to be both robust enough to stand up to the great outdoors and cool enough to be suitable for everyday wear, then look no further than Topo Designs Fall Collection.

USA made all the way, Colorado’s finest, Topo Designs, know what it takes to make the perfect clothes for wilderness treks and outdoors adventures and, let’s face it, few seasons are more ideally suited to this than Fall so this is when they truly come into their element. With a whole host of new releases to be enjoyed and put to the test this autumn from Topo Designs, it’s difficult to know where to begin but here goes:

Topo Design Climb Pants


As you may have gathered from the name of this excellent looking piece of apparel from Topo Designs, their Climb Pants have been designed and crafted with those who love to climb in mind. The most obvious design elements that are directly related to making climbing easier are the gusseted crotch and cinch belt but they also boast a trimmer cut with an added element of stretchiness to improve the feel and fit on or away from the mountains. Functional, stylish and resilient as they come, the Climb Pants from Topo Designs are a must for any climber heading into the wild this fall.

Price: $129

Heavyweight Work Shirt


The temperatures, whilst not always freezing in fall, often won’t reach the heights of summer so it’s important to invest in a shirt that will keep the elements at bay and keep you looking cool. The Heavyweight Work Shirt from Topo Designs is that shirt. This heavyweight flannel shirt, which likely will hark back to your own grandfather’s favourite shirt, is both robust in material and stylish enough for everyday wear. With an aesthetic that is distinctly vintage but with materials that speak to the future, this superb Heavyweight Work Shirt from Topo Designs is going t0 a staple piece of clothing for adventurists this fall.

Price: $129

Mountain Rolltop 


Needless to say, you’re going to need a reliable backpack when heading into the great unknown for those autumn adventures and they don’t come much sturdier or more versatile than the Topo Designs Mountain Rolltop. Incredibly well made in the USA and with more storage solutions than you can shake a stick at, this Mountain Rolltop has everything you need for a mountainous trek or just a commute into the office. With a large main storage compartment for the bulk of your carry and a padded laptop sleeve for the more technical pieces that you port about, this Rolltop from Topo Designs has got all the bases covered.

Price: $198

Puffer Cardigan


It’s a cardigan but not as you know it. The Puffer Cardigan from Topo Designs is about as far removed from the chunky knit that your grandpa wears next to the fireplace as it’s possible to get. It is designed with the great outdoors in mind and has some super cool features for putting any inclement weather conditions in their place. The Puffer Cardigan is a highly compressible jacket which means that you can easily pack it away for your adventures. It boasts a slick, extremely lightweight ripstop fabric that makes sure the Puffer Cardigan (and you) will look the part when you get where you’re going – whether this is a woodland wilderness or your office.

Price: $229

This is just a selection of our favourite autumn wares from the always awesome Topo Designs. They’ve got plenty of other exceptional looking pieces just ready and waiting to be taken on an adventure this fall.

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