Driftsun Transparent Two Person Kayak

Let’s face it, there are few better feelings than heading out onto some open water, lake or river in a kayak and just seeing where the water takes you but, if we’re being honest, particularly in areas with crystal clear waters, a lot of the best stuff might just be going on directly beneath you but out of your sight. That’s why you need one of these awesome looking Driftsun Transparent Two Person Kayaks in your life if you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing out on the water.

The Driftsun Transparent Two Person Kayak is the perfect means of paddling transportation across lakes, rivers and oceans and it’s clever design not only makes it a doddle to navigate and manoeuvre, it is also a striking mode of transport in its own right that will turn heads wherever you take it. If you’re regularly heading on water based adventures and want to ensure whatever is going on beneath you isn’t missed, this is the steed for you.

Terrific Transparency 

Needless to say, the key design feature of the Driftsun Kayak is its transparent body that allows clear visibility through the bottom of the vessel. This kayak-canoe hybrid really stands out from the crowd courtesy of its entirely transparent hull which means that you can enjoy the advantages of snorkeling without ever having to get into the water. You will be able to feast your eyes on an abundance of marine life through the robust, crystal clear, polycarbonate hull on this kayak and it is built for performance so won’t let you down on that front either.

The Driftsun Transparent Two Person Kayak comes replete with a pair of adjustable, removable seats so that you can custom configure the interior of the vessel for either one paddler or two depending on who is heading out on the water with you. It is crafted to be able to withstand a variety of conditions and this amazing kayak has been tested in both calm and choppy waters so regardless of the nature of the waters you find yourself in, it definitely won’t let you down.

Lightweight (weighing in at just 48 pounds) and incredibly durable, this great looking kayak from Driftsun is crafted from a 100% UV Resistant Polycarbonate Hull alongside an Anodized Aluminum Frame for an impeccable level of performance in any waters. For those of you heading on summer waterway adventures, this is the vessel you should be making those journeys in.

Room with a View

When you find yourself out in waters which are crystal clear, there really could be a world of activity going on directly beneath your feet and the Sundrift Transparent Kayak really is suited to areas that are primed for snorkelling because it will afford you mesmerising views beneath the surface of the water.

Whilst it may not be cheap, this first rate kayak from Sundrift will certainly be worth the investment for those who hit the waters regularly and it boasts fantastic materials alongside excellent craftsmanship for the ultimate in water based adventures this summer and beyond.

Price: $1600

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