A Droid A Day

These are definitely the droids we were are looking for. As keen fans of illustration here at Coolector HQ, we were delighted to stumble across the Tumblr account of a talent doodler by the name of Rob Turpin who has taken it upon himself to draw a droid a day in a series of artwork called, errrrr, A Droid A Day.

We’ve a particular affinity for robots here at The Coolector and when someone shares this love and boasts an outlet for showing it as awesome as these illustrations then that’s definitely a good day and Turpin has certainly got a considerable penchant for drawing eye-catching and brilliant looking droids.

In his A Droid A Day series, Turpin makes a point of endeavouring to use as many different colours, shapes and designs as possible in order to ensure that no two droids look the same and, having perused his back-catalogue of droids, this is a goal which he as admirably accomplished. Check out a few of our favourites below:





As you can see, Turpin is a supremely talented illustrator and we’re big fans of how he shows us his creative process in cafes and out and about. We’re unequivocally untalented artistically here at Coolector HQ so we can appreciate the talents of Turpin and can’t wait to see the rest of the droids that make it into his cracking series of illustrations.

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