DSPTCH x Equinox Gym / Work Pack

The number of times we tell ourselves we’re going to go to the gym (many) and the amount of times we go (very few) is something that we need to work on here at Coolector HQ and, as with most things in life, having the right accessories and bits and pieces will go a long way to compelling you into action. If it’s the lack of suitable gym bag that’s been holding you back previously then you might just want to turn your attention to this rather spiffing DSPTCH x Equinox Gym/Work Pack.

The DSPTCH x Equinox Gym/Work Pack is the ideal ally for any regular gym frequenter because not only is it extremely durable and stylish, it also boasts all manner of intuitive storage compartments for the variety of gym kit that you’ll invariably want to port about with you. It is an extremely versatile carry that can just as easily be used for day to day work commutes but it’s in the the gym where it truly excels.

This exceptional looking carry has a padded laptop compartment, a ventilated shoe compartment with exterior pocket with a Fidlock® closure. The bag a padded laptop compartment, the bag also features a ventilated shoe compartment and exterior pocket with a Fidlock® closure. The DSPTCH x Equinox Gym/Work Pack is lined with moisture-resistant nylon packcloth along with airy panels to help lessen moisture and odour build up. Check out a few more shots below:







Available in an array of colours and materials, the DSPTCH x Equinox Gym/Work Pack will be suitable for every type of gym goer whether you spend hours there a day or just go once a week. Robust, functional and immeasurably cool, there’s nothing not to like about this cracking carry and it’s the perfect choice for gym sessions and summer adventures alike.

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