Ducks in a Row Commuter Pack

When your commute to work consists of riding a bicycle, chances are you will have struggled to find a carry conducive to this sort of trip but you’re in luck because these brilliant looking Ducks in a Row Commuter Packs are built from the ground up with cycling in mind.

The Ducks in a Row Commuter Pack has an abundance of storage features that will be essential if you’re using it for your daily commute and has a clever design that sees it fit perfectly to your handlebars whilst riding along. Designed with urban cyclists and commuters in mind, this top notch carry provides a stylish and hard-wearing solution to your everyday commuting needs.

If you regularly cycle and have been on the hunt for a visually superior, yet functional, carry then this Ducks in a Row Commuter Pack might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for. With some cool design features like a touch screen pocket which lets you see your GPS and answer calls whilst cycling and plenty of padded protection with sufficient storage space for a 15″ laptop. Take a look at a few more shots of it in action below:







For those of you who cycle regularly and want a more versatile and innovative, not to mention supremely stylish, carry solution, then this awesome looking Ducks in a Row Commuter Pack is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes. A great choice for those of a bicycle persuasion and with plenty of time to show support over on Kickstarter, you know what to do.

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