Duluth Pack Scout Pack

We’re forever on the hunt for great looking carries here at The Coolector and whilst we’re not always successful in our hunt, there are those occasions when we unearth somewhat of a belter and that’s exactly what we have on our hands with the Scout Pack from Duluth Pack which is ideally suited to everyday use and boasts traditional craftsmanship that certainly appeals.

Duluth Pack are a Minnesota based purveyor of bags, apparel and accessories who have been crafting goods since 1882 and their Scout Pack is very much to our style persuasion here at The Coolector and for any man after a stylish, functional and impeccably well-crafted carry then you’ll be hard pressed to find something more suitable than this corker.

Made in a traditional envelope shape style with a rich leather bottom and riveted leather reinforcements to make it even more durable and hardwearing, the Scout Pack from Duluth Pack will be ideally suited to everyday commutes or ventures out into the wild. Take a look at a few more shots of this top notch carry below:




USA made and boasting excellent materials and an understated visual appeal and more functionality than you can shake a stick at, the Scout Pack from Duluth Pack has won us over here at The Coolector and it very much looks to be the perfect carry for those who like their backpacks strong and versatile.

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