Earin Wireless Earbuds

Headphones are something that, in the last few years, have become decidedly uniform and it’s unusual to see someone listening to music who isn’t doing so on a pair of white iPod headphones but, mercifully, there is a good deal more diversity creeping into the world of headphone technology as is admirably illustrated by these really rather impressive Earin Wireless Earbuds which have already caused quite the storm over on Kickstarter.

Earin Wireless Earbuds are billed as the world’s smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market to the point whereby they are almost invisible when worn. They are the brainchild of some ex-Nokia and Sony Ericsson engineers who have clearly put their engineering skills to good use by crafting a genuinely intuitive and inventive piece of technology which has the capacity to advance the way in which we listen to our music.

These fantastically advanced Earin Wireless Earbuds ensure that you get the best possible sound out of their small dimensions by utilising balanced armature speakers akin to those found in hearing aids to deliver a really high quality of sound. There is not a cord or cable in sight with the Earin Earbuds and they are fuelled by high-powered rechargeable batteries that is carried out by a small charger that is the ideal size for attaching to your keys. Check out a few more shots of these decidedly minimalist earbuds below:



We’re all for technology that pushes the boundaries here at Coolector HQ and that’s certainly something which can be levelled at these thoroughly impressive Earin Wireless Earbuds. If you’re in the market for some new, entirely unobtrusive, headphones for listening to your tunes on the go, we can think of few better offerings than these from Earin and if you want to get your hands on some for a great price, backing their Kickstarter campaign is the best place to start.

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