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We don’t know about you but we find a beverage tastes considerably better when imbibed from a vessel with character and aesthetic appeal and that’s why we’ve fallen mighty hard for the awesome line up of drinkware from the guys at Ecletticos. This first class brand are striving to challenge the status quo by curating expertly crafted — eclectic and personable products.

Ecletticos are rebelling against the uninteresting and uninspiring products that fill the market and offer drinkware that you’ll want to drink from and you’ll probably end up drinking more of your favourite drink each day just so you can use your Ecletticos mug more frequently. Aiming to bring an end to poorly made and uninteresting products by showcasing beautifully unique drinkware that bring out the best in your home, we’re big fans of these superb looking vessels here at Coolector HQ.

Style & Substance

The items in your home should be an expression of your personality and if you value impeccably crafted wares that stand the test of time and add a real sense of style to your workspace, these Ecletticos Mugs will be right up your street. There is an almost neolithic vibe to the amazing drinkware line up from Ecletticos and this is something that really sets them apart in the increasingly mundane world of drinks receptacles.

Offering mugs specifically for coffee and for tea (alongside a small selection of glasses and cutlery), Ecletticos are the ideal brand for those who really want to savour their beverage and drink in style. Settling down at your desk with a cup of your favourite coffee in one of these, frankly fantastic looking mugs, will definitely start your day of on the right foot.

Ecletticos have a great selection of collections to choose from including the THE DRØBAK COLLECTION which is a series of wood-handled, kiln glazed, coffee mugs which are an eclectic combination of bohemian woodwork and artisan pottery, that’s classically shaped to accompany your morning routine. Another stand out collection from Ecletticos is the THE ATLAS & NEPAL COLLECTION which are complete works of art. Craftsmen and Artisans painstakingly create spectacular landscape designs to create an aesthetically unparalleled mug. The elegant and earthy tones combined with the wooden handle ensure not only an amazing coffee cup but an extraordinary display of artwork that will turn heads aplenty.

High Quality Materials

Crafted from eco-friendly ceramics, the mugs from Ecletticos have a tangible sense of quality to the touch and a pleasing sense of weightiness to them. If you’re after some drinkware that will be a conversation starter as well as being the ideal vessel for all your imbibing needs, there will undoubtedly be something that fits the bill on the digital shelves of Ecletticos.

We’ve got a thing for well-made goods here at Coolector HQ and, so far as drinkware is concerned, they just don’t come much better than these Ecletticos Mugs. If you want to ramp up your coffee and tea drinking game this spring and summer and have been on the hunt for the ideal receptacle for the job, chances are you’ve just found it courtesy of American brand, Ecletticos. We’ll definitely be getting our hands on some of their wares sooner rather than later.

Images: Daniel Battersby

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