Ole Smokey Charred Moonshine

Having once drunk moonshine here at Coolector HQ, it’s not exactly something we’re climbing over ourselves to try again but I think this is most likely due to the low production values of the example we tried but, safe to say, having stumbled across this brilliant looking Ole Smokey Charred Moonshine, we’re preparing to saddle up for the hooch horse once again.

Ole Smokey is a Tennessee based purveyor of what it calls premium moonshine and we have to say that their latest offering, the Charred iteration you see above, has caught our eye at The Coolector. The brilliant branding aside, the quality of this tipple is also cause for an impressed raise of the eyebrow as it is crafted from ageing 105 proof mountain whisky in charred oak barrels. The resulting drink from this process is an incredibly smooth offering but one that kicks a mighty punch indeed.

We love the fact that this Ole Smokey Charred Moonshine is delivered in authentic looking masonry jars and the superb branding has definitely got The Coolector’s seal of approval. We’re more Guinness than moonshine men, truth be told, but if anything’s going to compel us to jump aboard the moonshine bandwagon it’s Ole Smokey.

charred ole smokey

ole smokey charred

If you’re the adventurous type with your boozy beverages, a glance in the direction of Ole Smokey’s Charred Moonshine will definitely not disappoint. Whilst it was their impeccable branding that first caught our eye here at Coolector HQ, we’re in no doubt that the taste will blow us away as well – given 52% ABV, possibly literally.

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