Edge of Tomorrow

You can imagine Hollywood executives sitting around a table brainstorming and trying to think of good ideas when one pipes up with “Source Code. With aliens” and a hushed silence descends of the room with reverence with such a revolutionary idea. Well, all jokes aside, that’s patently what has happened and fortunately the end result of this, Edge of Tomorrow, looks far from an abomination and, conversely, looks most excellent indeed as the trailer above does a rather admirable job of illustrating.

Edge of Tomorrow stars everyone’s favourite alien lover (Scientologist), Tom Cruise, and Emily Blunt and looks to be a thoroughly action packed affair that looks more like a multiplayer game of Halo than anything else and, truth be told, that is sufficient to have caught our attention here at Coolector HQ.

The action in Edge of Tomorrow transpires in a not too distant future when the earth is being besieged by an unstoppable alien force when Cruise’s character, Bill Cage, is dropped into the heat of battle and killed within minutes but his death propels him into a time loop whereby he continually awakens on the day he is to be dropped into battle. Facing the same fight again and again, Cage is repeatedly killed but each time he dies, he learns a little more about his own combat abilities and those of his enemy to the point where he could be the only one capable of defeating them.

We’re firm fans of action laden affairs here at The Coolector and Edge of Tomorrow definitely looks as though it falls into that category so we’re definitely psyched for when it hits the screens in June.

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