Beara Beara Leather Bags

You can tell a lot about a man by his choice of accessories. His shoes, his watch, his tie, the list goes on but, truth be told, few accessories are more indicative of a man’s character than his choice of carry and we here at Coolector Headquarters have just come across some mightily impressive looking bags from London based purveyors of awesomeness, Beara Beara. Only Don Draper-esque types need apply.

We’ve been left exceptionally impressed with both the quality of the workmanship, the excellent materials and the visual appeal of the myriad bags available from Beara Beara and, if you’re in the market for a extraordinarily dapper carry this spring, you really need look no further than those on offer from this first rate purveyor of men’s backpacks and satchels.




We love leather based goods here at The Coolector as there is a distinct level of class and sophistication when it comes to these sorts of carries and we’ve seen few do it better than Beara Beara and their bold, wonderfully constructed backpacks and satchels.

The durability of these special bags seems like it will last a lifetime and are an awesome investment for the future. Get in quick as these handmade bags are often sold-out. The unique appearance of their men’s collection definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. The extra attention to detail really shines through with all the creations that make up the Beara Beara collection and we have nothing but admiration for the dedication to crafting eye-catching, durable and responsibly manufactured that this superb brand exhibits.

Available: Beara Beara

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