Eduardo Salles Illustrations

We love a good cynic here at The Coolector and there are few more cynical than that of the excellent illustrator, Eduardo Salles, in his superb series of drawings which do their utmost to lampoon modern culture with his highly humorous take on various current events and what have you.

Skilled illustrators are one of our weaknesses here at Coolector HQ and, safe to say, when you’re capable of making a point as well as bashing out some awesome drawings, you’re definitely onto a winner and whilst we, hitherto, hadn’t encountered Salles’ top notch body of work but, now that we have, we’ll definitely be keeping a beady eye (or maybe both) on the rest of the work to emanate from his skilled hands.

The illustrations that he crafts are undeniably simple in nature but their often impactful in message so he doesn’t need to be overly intricate with his designs when he can get his point across with a much more straightforward set of imagery. We’re loving Salles’ work here at The Coolector and we’re in no doubt that you’ll be equally as impressed with his rather spiffing series of illustrations and artwork.

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