Ekster Carbon Fibre Cardholders

The guys at Ekster are one of our favourite EDC brands here at The Coolector and the quality of their wallets and cardholders is second to none. As such, we were understandably excited when we discovered they’ve just launched a new series of wallets made from one of the coolest materials out there – carbon fibre. These Ekster Carbon Fibre Cardholders are available for the bargain price of £78 during their pre-funding phase and if you’re after one of the most adventure-ready and coolest looking wallets for your EDC lineup, look no further.

The Ekster Carbon Fibre Cardholders are available in two different iterations – namely, Forged Carbon and Carbon Fibre – and you’ll get a mighty striking accessory whichever one you go for. This is a military-grade carbon fibre smart wallet which has been purpose-built for rapid access. This cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and the expandable metal backplate allows you to carry even more while keeping a slim profile that doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your pocket. Win, win.

Exceptional Characteristics

The wallet is the cornerstone of any EDC lineup in our opinion and you should be looking for something that boasts a tangible sense of quality – something which definitely applies to these Carbon Fibre Cardholders from Ekster. Nigh-on unbreakable, these classy accessories are made from a woven metal fabric that was originally created for aerospace and military industries so you know it is built to last and fit for any adventures that you might find yourself on.

Quality throughout, the Ekster Carbon Fibre Cardholders (from £78 during pre-ordering) boast a pleasingly matte surface that will slide effortlessly into any pocket, and is so lightweight that you won’t even notice it’s there. For those with a love of minimalism, you’ll be big fans of the expandable backplate that doesn’t sacrifice a slim profile for extra storage. This allows you to ditch the bulk and carry more. What’s not to like?

If you’re serious about your data protection, these Carbon Fibre Cardholders will be perfect for you as they keep your cards close and your data even closer. The integrated RFID blocking layer fends off data skimmers and ensures that you details stay in your pocket where they belong. It has never been more straightforward to gain access to your cards which is literally at the touch of a button with an Ekster wallet and we’re big fans of this simplicity as there is nothing worse than pawing at your wallet trying to get your cards out. After the ultimate in stylish, adventure ready wallets? Look no further.

Leo Davie