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They say you can’t reinvent the wheel but, so far as cycling is concerned, it’s fair to say that a new product that goes by the name of the Electron Wheel is having a mighty good go at it and for anyone with a love of riding their bike and technology, this is the sort of product that is going to be right up your street so read on.

The Electron Wheel is, in essence, a product that allows you to convert your conventional pedal bike into an electric bike in just seconds and, in doing so, significantly improve your capacity for getting about town. Brilliantly designed and technologically superior, the Electron Wheel looks as though it might just become the next have piece of tech for any fans of two wheels and it’s definitely captured our attention here at Coolector HQ.

Two Wheels Good

Cycling is one of those activities that it’s hard not to enjoy, whether it’s mountain biking or merely commuting to work, it is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. That being said, it doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be improved with a spot of technology from time to time and that’s very much what the Electron Wheel looks like doing. Making cycling a more effortless pursuit than ever before, this clever bit of tech has a robust and powerful motor, an array of smart sensors, and a battery that both lasts and deliver more than a touch of pep to your ride.



The Electron Wheel is extremely simple to set up. It merely requires the removal of your conventional front wheel and replacing it with this much more turbo charged offering and then it’s just a question of sitting back and enjoying the perks that the Electron Wheel delivers.



A pedal assist experience is, for lazy individuals such as us here at Coolector HQ, the dream ticket as you get to enjoy all the pleasures of cycling, the sights, sounds and destinations but don’t necessarily have to work up the same level of sweat to get where you’re going. The Electron Wheel comes with an accompanying app which delivers all sorts of metrics that cyclists will lap up including speed, distance travelled, route mapping and much more besides.

Genius Design

Much like the wheel itself, the Electron Wheel is gloriously simple when it boils down to it but the features it delivers are unparalleled and will unquestionably appeal to the casual cyclists who is in it for getting to their destination as opposed to the fitness side of things perhaps.


The Electron Wheel will seamlessly integrate with your riding form and lifestyle and not only reduce the sweat on two wheels but provide all sorts of compelling data about your cycling journeys direct to your smartphone. A real winner in our book and one that will inevitably appeal to the cycling fraternity.

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