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Finding a watch that fits in with your style tastes and budget used to be an incredibly tricky minefield but courtesy of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, it is so much easier to come across timepieces of all shapes and sizes to suit different tastes. Kickstarter has delivered once again in the form of Macmillan Watches, a new series of Swiss designed timepieces which draw their inspiration from the world of urban cycling.



As fans of both watches and bicycles here at Coolector HQ, it’s fair to say that Macmillan Watches couldn’t be more in keeping with what we look for in a timepiece and if you’re after a functional, stylish and well made watch that celebrates these two great things, you’ve found exactly that here.

A Watch to Remember

Whilst undeniably simplistic in design, there is a real visual excellence to these Macmillan Watches funding on Kickstarter right now and we’re not surprised to see them proving popular as they will appeal to both cycling enthusiasts and watch enthusiasts alike. Macmillan Watches are the work of a watchmaking duo, Antoine and Sébastien, who have both operated in the watchmaking industry during their careers and saw now as the perfect time to craft a timepiece inspired by urban cycling – and we’re mighty glad they did because the end result is excellent.



The name of the brand takes its inspiration from Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a 19th century Scottish blacksmith and inventor who was responsible for the creation of the first pedal ridden bicycle. His design was driven by simplicity and efficiency and the same can be said of these excellent looking watches from Macmillan which are both visually pleasing and perform admirably well.


With an abundance of mighty fine features which seem to belie their incredible affordability, Macmillan Watches are the perfect choice for any man looking for an understated, cool and well made watch for day to day wear. These wonderful watches boast great features like a GM10 Miyota Movement, multiple different dials, polished 316l stainless steel casing, a 30m water resistance and domed mineral glass for extra protection.

Style and Vision

Macmillan Watches are the perfect choice for those seeking a minimalist timepiece and offer both a leather and NATO strap on their Kickstarter campaign which is great for those who like to mix their watch aesthetic up from time to time. The love of watches and cycling is plain to see throughout this great brand and the quality of their watches from both a style and performance perspective is difficult to fault.



Available in an array of colours and styles to match your own tastes, you’ll be glad to hear there is still time to get behind this bicycle centric watch brand over on Kickstarter and pick up one of their glorious looking watches for a miraculously low price. Seldom do you get the level of choice in terms of straps, dials and other customisable features than that which is on offer with Macmillan Watches and they really are another fine example of why Kickstarter is rapidly becoming our first port of call when on the lookout for cool new watchmakers.

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