Ellusionist Peak 15 Playing Cards

We’re not going to lie, we’re thinking pretty heavily about outdoor adventures and trips out into the wild here at The Coolector given the last 12 months the world has had a bit of a recharge is definitely in order. When heading out into the great outdoors away from technology and mod-cons, playing cards are often a go-to form of entertainment so you might as well get your hands on some awesome looking ones like these Ellusionist Peak 15 Playing Cards.

Ellusionist are predominantly a brand that focuses on the world of magic but it is their awesome line up playing cards which keep us coming back at The Coolector and their Peak 15 Playing Cards are one of our favourite releases to date from this American brand. Priced at $10, this great-looking deck comes from a competition held last year that gave an Ellusionist customer the opportunity to create their very own deck of cards. The lucky winner, Miguel Hanusch, wanted to deliver a deck to celebrate the pinnacle of all outdoor adventures… Mount Everest. And here it is.

Peak Performance

At over 29,000 feet above sea level, Mount Everest was originally known as PEAK 15, and is well known to be the hardest and most treacherous climb the world has ever known. Not everyone who attempts Everest lives to tell the tale but those who do – descend as legends. Part of an exclusive club, who’s entry is out-of-reach for most of us. It is these people that the Ellusionist Peak 15 Playing Cards aims to honour.

If you’ve got a fascination with Mount Everest, the Peak 15 Playing Cards from Ellusionist ($10) are for you because they go above and beyond to pay homage to this iconic mountain range that has such an air of mystery and wonder to it. Playing cards should always be a bit out of the ordinary in our opinion as it adds to the fun of the card games you’re playing and this deck is definitely one of the coolest looking we’ve seen in a while.

Each one of these Ellusionist Peak 15 Decks is printed on the brand’s famous E7 Luxury-pressed stock and featuring full pip-to-pip customisation that sets this offering apart from the competition. The Peak 15 deck is for the nomads, adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors and, if you like what you see, you’ll need to move fast as only 2,500 will ever be printed. 

Great Graphic Design

There is a highly stylised and eye-catching aesthetic to the Peak 15 Deck of Playing Cards from Ellusionist and it has the sort of retro vibe that we’re always big fans of here at The Coolector. When you’re next playing a game of poker or blackjack with friends, this deck will certainly add a touch of visual vibrancy to proceedings.

At $10, the Peak 15 Playing Cards definitely don’t break the bank and offer a tangible sense of quality to the touch. If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you’re serious about your playing cards, all the wares from Ellusionist will be right up your street and the Peak 15 deck is a fine example of their talents in action.

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