Ergonofis Adjustable Desks

If we’re being honest, it’s never the case that we’ll want to stand to work all day here at Coolector HQ and, similarly, we’re unlikely to want to remain seated for the whole day either. What is required is a workstation that caters to most people’s needs to alternatively stand and sit during their working day and you’ve just found the perfect solution in the form of this super cool series of Ergonofis Adjustable Desks.

The Ergonofis Adjustable Desk is described as being “built to move” by its creators and this is something which is entirely evident in its innovative use of technology within the design of the desk to deliver a workspace that is as functional as it is stylish. For those of us that spend hours a day at our desks having a solution that is both aesthetically and posture pleasing isn’t always straightforward but you’re getting the best of both worlds with these super cool Ergonofis Adjustable Desks.

Stand to Deliver

Staying active whilst you work as opposed to slouching at your desk or being hunched over it is key to remaining productive and that’s why these brilliant looking Ergonofis Adjustable Desks are sure to appeal to those working in the creative and design industries. Impeccably well crafted in Montreal, Canada, these striking workstations let you effortlessly change between a seated and standing position through the use of an engaging and innovative touch interface which can be found embedded in the surface of the desk itself.

The Ergonofis Adjustable Desk is very much created with the design industries in mind and really does set a new standard for how height adjustable desks should perform and look aesthetically and, safe to say, we’re desperate to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ. Built to last with an emphasis on quality, these eye-catching workstations are capable of lifting up to 300 pounds so whatever computer and other bits of tech and accessories you have in your workspace, this desk will elevate it with ease.

Another real stand out feature of these wonderfully well made adjustable desks from Ergonofis is their environmentally friendly construction which sees the brand planting three new trees for every desk made in an attempt to bring sustainable business practices into the world of office furniture – something which should certainly be applauded. Functional, incredibly cool and perfectly suited to your work requirements, regardless of whether you prefer to sit or stand, these desks are a real winner in our opinion here at The Coolector.

Workspace Wonders

Ergonofis aren’t a brand we’d encountered before but given our love of innovative design and cool workspaces, they’ve well and truly forced their way onto our radar and for those of you out there who are after a supremely well crafted desk that delivers the sort of versatility you crave and which will help keep you productive throughout the day, this would certainly be one of our top picks.

The Ergonofis Adjustable Desk is not only made in the right way, it offers a visual impact unlike most other desks of this nature and, literally, keeps people on their toes – something which can yield plenty of health benefits when you spend hours each day at your desk. Great looking, eco-friendly and innovative as they come, it’s little wonder that these adjustable desks are already standing out from the crowd.

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