EST Gear Torch L1

When heading out into the wild in search for adventure, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right gear in tow and so far as your lighting is concerned, you’ll find this EST Gear Torch L1 tough to beat. These guys definitely have form so far as adventure ready gear is concerned as they’re the team behind the ridiculously versatile shovel we featured a few months back now and this superb bit of kit is just as functional.

The EST Gear Torch L1 is billed as being the world’s most versatile flashlight and for those who take their outdoor adventures seriously, you’ll be wowed by its no-nonsense performance. Not only is the L1 waterproof, it is USB rechargeable so you’ll always be able to keep it juiced without any problems and let there be light on all your camping excursions.


With a mighty impressive 1200 lumens of brightness, the L1 Torch from EST Gear will light the way wherever you find yourself whether its your own backyard or deep in the forest. This pocket sized bit of kit is extremely portable and robust and should be an essential addition to any adventure pack that you’ve got when you head into the wild because the complete darkness of wilderness always needs lighting up from time to time.

The EST Gear L1 Torch is hitting the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in a couple of weeks and you can get 40% off the retail price by joining their waiting list and making your interest in getting your hands on one known. This will become the most adaptable torch that you own and you can stick it, clip it, carry it or wear it. It is easy to use it hands-free as a headlamp, or illuminate any task with its handy flat, magnetic bottom. 

Nigh on indestructible, the L1 Torch from EST Gear is waterproof so can accompany you on any aquatic adventures that you find yourself on and it boasts a super-rugged design and IP68 rated. The Torch L1 is ready for all your BIG adventures and it won’t let you down regardless of how hard you push it because it really is built to last.


If you sign up for the waiting list you can get your hands on one of these EST Gear L1 Torches for just $89 down from the final retail price of $129 so move now if you want to secure yourself a bargain. It has been tested in the harshest environments and designed for any adventure. Small, waterproof, long-lasting and indestructible this 1200 lumen flashlight is the perfect outdoor companion.

It has up to 20 days of run time before it needs recharging so it will give you enough coverage for any adventure out into the wild and it uses a TIR optics reflector (which means a wide flood beam, with no hotspots) and a multi-function side switch with five brightness levels, plus a strobe mode. Like what you see? Get yourself on the waiting list and bag yours for just $89.

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