Ethec Electric Motorbike

As more and more electric bikes and motorbikes make their way onto the market, the more impressive they seem to become and that’s something which can certainly be applied to this Ethec Electric Motorbike which is one of the finest looking steeds we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ. This magnificent looking ride has been born from a vision of an urban solution for mobility, which efficiently retrieves the braking power through recuperation.

The Ethec Electric Motorbike is a most impressive contraption from an aesthetic point of view but its the stuff that it’s got going on under the hood that truly sets this machine apart. As you’re likely away, most electric vehicles have a relatively short range before they require recharging but this is an issue the Ethec Electric Motorbike is endeavouring to tackle head on with newly developed technologies that use available energy more efficiently and open new possibilities in the world of modern mobility.

Innovative Tech

By focusing on how vehicles brake, the Ethec Electric Motorbike aims to offer a much better performance than other electric bikes currently available on the market. When braking, around 75 % of the energy is dissipated on the front wheel and therefore lost on a conventional motorcycle. That’s why the Ethec Motorbike has integrated a front wheel-hub motor for the first time to harness this lost energy. This additional engine can be used to recuperate braking energy and obtain higher efficiency, safety and a superior overall driving experience.

The lithium-ion battery on the Ethec Electric Motorbike, which consists of 1260 cells, is kept at its ideal operating temperature by a thermoelectrical cooling system and the team behind this eye-catching ride have created a reliable and impressive power source by combining a low-maintenance cooling system and a direct-cooling oil stream around all cells. The striking visual impact of the bike is another standout feature and its monobody design is modelled following the shape of a human body.

The headlight, attached to the collar, is a key visual element of the Ethec Electric Bike and it characterises the head of the design. The prominent expansion of the shoulders gives the motorcycles’ front view a powerful aesthetic and the  slim seat represents the waist in front of the broadening rear, which finalizes the shape of the monobody. The whole design is kept flat and leaning to the front, which does a great job of underlining the dynamic appearance of the motorcycle even when it’s not being driven.

Brilliant Battery Life

With a battery life quite unlike anything else you’ve witnessed with an electric bike to date, the Ethec Electric Bike is a most impressive ride indeed. The battery management system, which has been developed in-house by Ethec, delivers optimal control and monitoring capability of the whole battery and guarantees its efficient and safe operation.

Wonderfully innovative and visually superior, the Ethec Electric Motorbike might well revolutionise the way workshops go about designing their products and significantly enhance the range of this type of vehicle – something that is sure to make them much more commercially popular and viable.

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