EV House

Portugal has some amazing coastline and a sunnier climate than we’re used to around Coolector HQ so it could definitely be another country added to our list of countries to potentially retire to and, if we had the choice, it would be to a house as breathtaking and contemporary as EV House from ARTSPAZIOS group Architects.

Positioned on a downward topography plot which is facing west, with great views of the valley underlined on the horizon by the Serra da Estrela and Caramulo mountains, it’s hard to think of a more visually arresting position for EV House to be placed. The property has an array of overlaid volumes insuperable in its monolithic character, but still permeable within, which defines the exterior spaces which are imperative to the indoor space. 

Portugese Perfection

There is a vertical theme throughout the design of EV House in Portugal and it is particularly evident in the living room which effortlessly unfolds into an uninterrupted indoor height though the floors. This is important because it allows for the living room to be seen from the study and guest room located in the upstairs of the home.

EV House from ARTSPAZIOS Group Architects cleverly deploys concrete sheets throughout the design of the home which create covered living areas around vegetative patios, and ensures different outlooks of living and dining areas to the east and make it a minimalistic, relaxing space in which to spend time.

The main structure of EV House is also embraced by another volume which contains the juxtaposed main suite. The front of the main suite of this impressive piece of modern architecture extends into a western living space, permeable by the vegetative patios, ending in an area to relax in bed and to be around a fire. 

Modern Marvel

There is a superb contemporary look and feel to be appreciated throughout EV House which makes the most of the property’s privileged plot and is a great testament to the design skills of the architects behind the build. With such a large plot, it can often feel overwhelming but there is a sense of serenity throughout this Portuguese home.

We love modern design here at Coolector HQ and it’s seldom done with more style and panache than that witnessed with EV House from ARTSPAZIOS Group. For those with a love of sleek, minimalist lines, this is one piece of architecture that will be right up your street.

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