Vollebak Ice Age Fleece

When it comes to bonkers but brilliant clothing, Vollebak are always our go-to here at The Coolector and they’ve definitely come up with the goods once again in the shape of the rather extraordinary looking (and winter ready) Ice Age Fleece. This impressive piece of outerwear from Vollebak has a price tag of £395 but an abundant quality throughout that means you won’t begrudge paying it.

The Vollebak Ice Age Fleece comes in a Grey / Green and Off-Black colourway and they are both as bold and eye-catching as each other truth be told. Each one is crafted from recycled sheep’s wool, lab wool, and a meticulous, asymmetric piece-by-piece construction that delivers a product with a tangible sense of quality that will keep you toasty AF this autumn / winter.


During the last ice age, early humans migrated out of Africa’s Rift Valley and onto the freezing plains of Europe. Faced with volcanic winters, mega droughts, and sheets of ice towering thousands of metres high, they became pros at fire, stone and clothing. Utilising animal furs and hides which they stitched together with bone needles, sinew and plants, they geared up to tackle an environment of rapidly and violently changing weather conditions and it is this mindset which fuelled the creation of the Ice Age Fleece from Vollebak.

Thousands of years later Vollebak are rebuilding the clothes they wore during the Ice Age. The Ice Age Fleece (£395) is a warm, super-soft, and highly elastic second skin which has been purpose built to replicate the feeling and performance of the soft hides worn by prehistoric man but with a contemporary sense of style and comfort beyond compare.

The ultra-technical Vollebak Ice Age Fleece effortlessly combines recycled sheep’s wool and synthetic lab wool, asymmetric piece-by-piece construction, biodegradable zippers, hunter-gatherer pockets, an eye-catching hood which is made for uncompromising blizzards and cuffs that work like gloves, making it the ultimate tool to fight off winter.


Quality through and through, the Ice Age Fleece from Vollebak combines two different high-performance materials – recycled sheep wool and synthetic lab wool. And it’s crafted with the same asymmetric stitching and patterns they would have used during the time period.

To create the thick sheep wool sections, Vollebak have used recycled wool, and rather than spinning it in the traditional way, they have constructed it in thick, rugged clumps that mimic a sheep’s natural coat. If you want a piece of outerwear this winter that will not just keep you warm but will be quite the talking point then look no further than the Ice Age Fleece.

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