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Cartography isn’t something that we’re even in the least bit skilled in or knowledgeable about but, safe to say, we think maps are pretty awesome and, for that reason, we were delighted to come across some brilliant Hand Drawn Maps by Jenni Sparks on Evermade. Capturing all the quirkiness of some of the world’s most loved cities in a highly engaging hand drawn manner, these maps are definitely going to appeal to those who want some geographical artwork in their home or office.

With the likes of London, Berlin, Paris and New York all getting the hand drawn treatment from Sparks, you’re sure to find one that covers a city you live or have visited and you’re sure to be sold on the much more personal design that is inherent in these cracking pieces of map based artwork. Drawn meticulously by hand, these Evermade Maps are chock-full of the city’s landmarks and key features and will add a real focal point when hung above a desk. Check out a few shots of these excellent prints below:


Evermade - Artwork photographed in lifestyle/interior setting..© Mark Cocksedge







Boasting magnificent illustrations and superbly researched, these maps are just the sort of quirky design pieces that we love here at Coolector HQ. Having been to each of the cities that are currently available in this series is a definite advantage for us but we can’t wait to see which will be added to the list next. A great piece of artwork for those who love typography, illustration and, indeed, cities.

Price: £75+

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