Evernote Pfeiffer Bent Ply Platforms

It is more or less impossible not to own an Apple device of some description in this day and age and if, like us, you own multiple, it easy for one’s workspace to become cluttered with all manner of gadgetry. Well, with these rather excellent Evernote Pfeiffer Bent Ply Platforms, you can restore order to your desk and give your technology such as iPads, Macs and iPhones a stylistically superior resting place.

Evernote are, of course, best known as being a suite of software services designed for note-taking and archiving but, through their Market section, they offer a range of cool wares that will definitely appeal to the creatively minded and their superb Pfeiffer Bent Ply Platforms (designed in collaboration with furniture designer, Eric Pfeiffer) are unquestionably are favourite here at Coolector HQ.

These platforms form a collection of accessories which can be bought in conjunction or as standalone pieces depending on your requirements and the project is the first time that Evernote have been evolved with the creation of a product from start to finish and, as you can patently see, it has been worth the wait as the platforms are painfully stylish and will promote a much more streamlined workspace for the messy amongst us. Check out a few shots below:




A bold, fluid design of these platforms from Evernote and Eric Pfieffer definitely appeals to our style sensibilities and for those of you out there who are similarly inclined when it comes to design, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more dapper way of keeping your workspace spic and span. We’re inherently messy here at The Coolector and items like this are a godsend for us and the fact that it is so well designed and outrageously luxurious to boot adds to our design to own each piece in the series even more.

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