Everything You Need To Know About Your Beard Products

Over the last few years it’s clear to see that beard care products have emerged as one of the leading trend in men’s health industry. Most men will ask, “what are beard products, and are they really necessary for keeping my beard in top condition?”

After all, beards have been around as long as man has, and for thousands of years, men have never used products on their beards. But, as you’ll soon see, there are plenty of compelling reasons to treat your beard right. Live Bearded are a brand at the forefront of the men’s grooming market and few understand the benefit of the products better than them.

So, why now? 

It’s clearly apparent that you don’t “need” beard products to grow a beard, but a good grooming routine will undoubtedly make the process of cultivating a beard more rewarding experience. Most men will have pitted wits with beard itch, beard dandruff, dry coarse beard hairs, unruly fly-aways, or slow growth during their endeavours to end up with their desired facial fuzz and that’s where the right beard wares will make all the difference. 

In the same way that you wash, conditioner and comb your hair, or brush and floss your teeth, good hygiene is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping your beard in tip-top condition. Using high-quality, all-natural beard products will definitely make a tangible difference in the way your beard looks, feels, and smells. 

Why You Need Beard Products In Your Life

If you’re one of those chaps who grows a beard because you’re too “lazy to shave” then chances are you’re also unlikely to practice good hygiene so these wares are probably not for you. But, if you are growing a beard because you want to make the most of your genetics and grow to your full potential, then the guys at Live Bearded can be your perfect sherpa to show you how to grow a mesmerising beard. 

As beards have grown in popularity over the last few years, so has the clamour for beard care products – not to mention the number of brands peddling them. Whether they’re used to cure beard itch, soften dry coarse hairs or just make your beard look and smell better, they’re are three principal reasons every bearded man should be using high-quality all-natural beard care products. And this be them:

1. Skin Health 

When you grow your beard it’s an unfortunate reality that the skin underneath will likely become dry, itchy, flaky, and irritated which means a lot of guys will ultimately shave their beards off after a few weeks or months before it reaches its potential.

The reason this happens is because, as your beard grows, it absorbs the natural oils your skin creates which, in turn, means your skin will become dry and irritated. This is where a good quality beard oil will make all the difference to the end result. Beard oil are used to hydrate your skin which will tackle all common itch and irritation which allows your beard to grow healthier and feel better. To put things simply, the right beard oil will make growing a beard way more enjoyable. No one wants the skin underneath your beard being irritated on a daily basis and that’s where a beard oil will be a godsend.  

2. Beard Health 

Beard hairs are the thickest hairs on your body, which often causes them to become dry, coarse, and easily damaged without proper care and attention. As your beard grows, the guys at Live Bearded highly recommend using a beard conditioner to keep your beard soft, healthy and looking its best.

We’ve all seen fellas with unkempt beards and flyaway hairs in every direction. Nine times out of ten this will happen because they don’t use any beard conditioner (or don’t use it right). There are no shortage of products on the market and we’ve tried plenty here at The Coolector. After years of research, one of our best loved products by far is Live Bearded’s beard butter. It’s hands-down one of the best on the market.

3. Look & Feel Better

Without question, the biggest noticeable difference between someone who uses quality beard care and someone who doesn’t is the way their beard looks and feels on a daily basis. The simple truth is that when you use all-natural beard products every day, your skin is healthier and you grow a softer, healthier, better-looking beard that will turn heads aplenty. 

When it comes to men’s beard product, Live Bearded are one of our favourites here at Coolector HQ and always one of our first ports of call when it comes to replenishing our own supply.

5 Reasons Why 100,000+ Men Use Live Bearded Daily

1. Enhanced Beard Growth

All of the all-natural beard products from Live Bearded are scientifically formulated to help you grow a softer, healthier, better beard and with over 150,000+ men using their top notch products on the regular with the results speaking for themselves. 

2. Crafted in the USA 

Live Bearded proudly stand for the National Anthem, fly the Stars and Stripes in their Vegas office and make their cracking beard oil, butter, wash, wax, and growth vitamins in the good ol’ US of A.

3. Unbeatable Fragrances

All of the fragrances found in Live Bearded grooming goods are hand-crafted and made using all-natural ingredients like sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, clove, pine, leather, and bergamot. With six unique fragrances to pick from, they’ve definitely got the ideal fragrance ally for your eye-catching beard.

4. All-Natural Ingredients

Live Bearded will ONLY use all-natural ingredients and fragrances in our products. Nothing more, nothing less. They do this to deliver the highest-quality products possible and will never use of parabens, sulfates, silicones, or synthetic alcohol for any reason whatsoever.

5. Try Risk-Free

Live Bearded are firm believers that a company should stand behind their products regardless. It’s for this reason that they have a full 365-day money-back guarantee on all of their first class products. Use every last drop and if you’re not in love with the way your beard looks and feels, they’ll give you a full refund.

If you have a beard, we highly recommend Live Bearded. As a reader of the coolector you’ll save 10% off your order using the coupon code COOLECTOR at checkout.

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