Evil Vinyl Concepts

Though we are usually reticent to include projects that are just concepts here on the pages of The Coolector there is, every once in a while, some things which are simply too good to be ignored, concept or otherwise, and that’s the case with these brilliant looking Evil Vinyl Concepts from UK based animation agency, A Large Evil Corporation.

Operating out of Bath, Somerset, A Large Evil Corporation have an extremely impressive back catalogue of work but it was their Evil Vinyl concepts (the Bill Murray ones above in particular) that really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. We’re delighted to report that such as been the overwhelming response to their concept designs that the company is now investigating the requisite avenues to turn their Evil Vinyl Concepts into reality.

When you feast your eyes on some of the awesomeness below, you’ll join us in rejoicing that these Evil Vinyl Concepts may soon be a tangible thing we can proudly plant in our workspaces – check out some of our favourites:










These brilliantly twisted creations are right up our street here at The Coolector and though they are currently remaining in the concept phase, it would appear that plans are well and truly afoot from the Bath based company to make them into actual figurines that you can purchase and you better be believe that we’ll be first in line for a Ernie ‘Big Ern’ McCracken at Coolector HQ.

Fantastically realised and superbly imaginative, these Evil Vinyl creations from A Large Evil Corporation have certainly struck a chord with people already such is the demand to have them created and it’s not surprising this is the case when you consider just how cracking they are.

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