T.M Lewin Highlander Collection

In order to make a sartorial success of oneself, there are various key items that a man must have in his wardrobe and an excellent array of shirts will be the cornerstone of most men’s fashion endeavours. When it comes to men’s shirts, we’re firm fans of T.M. Lewin here at Coolector HQ and their awesome looking Highlander Collection of shirts merely serves to reinforce our love of their fantastic wares.

T.M. Lewin are a shirtmaker with a considerable heritage, having launched on London’s Jermyn Street in 1898 and this street soon became synonymous with the best in the clothing business and T.M. Lewin are no exception. What truly sets the shirts from this iconic British brand apart is the fact the company’s founder, Mr Thomas Mayes Lewin, was a real innovator and was, in fact, the first shirt maker to put buttons down the front of a shirt so if it wasn’t for T.M. Lewin, we might well have been wearing very different shirts today.

The Highlander Collection of shirts for A/W 14 from T.M. Lewin is, as you might expect, inspired by the rich colours and eye-catching landscapes of the UK Highlands and this is expertly captured in the superb series of photography produced to promote these impeccably crafted shirts. Take a look at some of the brilliant shirts from T.M. Lewin below:







Layering is the key component of T.M. Lewin’s new collection which is pretty apt as we head into winter and we’re firm fans of the offerings above that will really add a touch of class to your autumn / winter wardrobe. If you’re looking to ramp up your style this year or, perhaps, as a New Year’s resolution, a look in the direction of this London shirtmaker will undoubtedly be a step in the right direction.

Finding a shirtmaker that you love is something that makes the world of difference for most men as we will invariably stick with what we like and there’s no doubting that T.M. Lewin are one of the very best in the business, a fact born out by their latest Highlander collection of men’s shirts which has a Coolector favourite of checks as a central theme to their aesthetics and for any man on the lookout for a raft of new shirts, you needn’t look any further truth be told.

Chances are you’ll want to compliment these top notch shirts with a bevy of knitwear and ties and, a brief look at T.M. Lewin’s website will confirm, they’ve got you covered from this perspective as well. We don’t wear shirts quite as much as perhaps we should here at Coolector HQ but when collections as brilliant as T.M. Lewin’s Highlander series come along, it’s hard not to be impressed.

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