No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag

Needless to say, we’re not exactly accomplished surfers here at Coolector HQ but we do appreciate expertly crafted goods and it’s for that reason that we’ve still had our heads turned by an excellent looking accessory in the shape of this No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag which is an essential purchase for any man who wants to carry around their surfboard in some considerable style this summer.

No Excuse Co are a skilled team of artisans who put real stock in making small batch, quality goods and this is something which is abundantly clear with this wonderfully dapper Military Surfboard Bag which will see you porting your board around in one of the most aesthetically superior carries we’ve encountered here at The Coolector. Surfboards aren’t the easiest thing to carry around but with this stylish offering, you’ll be given a highly versatile solution to all your surfboard carry requirements.

Timeless Design

Operating out of their workshop in Taiwan, No Excuse Co have really created an elegant and functional solution to an issue that surfers have been dealing with for years – how to carry their surfboard about whilst on the go. Particularly well suited to transporting on motorbikes, the No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag is crafted from 22oz military tent canvases (which consist of American cotton and robust vegetable tanned leather) and this delivers a visual impact that is beyond compare.

The No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag takes its design inspiration from a childhood memory of the creator’s father’s military duffle bag and it has led to the creation of a highly functional and attractive product that anyone with a love of surfing and hitting the road to find the best spots is going to appreciate. This cracking piece of surfing equipment from No Excuse Co will fit boards measuring from 5’5 to 7 feet long and the sizing of the carry can be adjusted by rolling or unrolling the bag before securing it with the striking vegetable-tanned leather belt straps.

With the materials of the No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag chosen because of their weathering characteristics which means the bag grows in aesthetic beauty over time, it’s easy to see why this cracking carry is already proving mighty popular with those in the surfing fraternity. The robust, durable materials used in the construction of the bag will help provide protection to your surfboard but are lightweight enough so as not to be a nuisance when the bag is not in use and you need to carry it around or store it away.

Surf’s Up

If you’ve got some surfing adventures planned this summer either on two wheels or four, finding a suitable means of porting your surfboard about is a must. The No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag doesn’t just give your board a functional home, it will actually add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle when heading to the beach such is the superb craftsmanship and fantastic materials used in its construction.

Versatile enough to be used with different boards and aesthetically unparalleled, the No Excuse Co Military Surfboard Bag saves the best for last insomuch as it is actually surprisingly affordable at just under the $200 mark which, given the size of the bag and the calibre of the materials used, represents superb value for money. If you’ve got a surfboard that you want to carry around in style, look no further.

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