As you’re likely well aware, the wallet is typically the cornerstone of most men’s EDC line up and choosing wisely always pays dividends in the long run. If you value robustness and security then the F705 Secrid X Freitag Wallet is certainly going to pique your interest and, for those in the market for a new accessory, probably compel you to purchase as well. Aesthetically striking and secure as they come, this wallet will add a touch of vibrancy to your everyday carry line up.

The F705 Secrid X Freitag Wallet (£75) came about when the Dutch inventors of the Secrid Cardprotector and the Swiss truck deconstructionists at FREITAG put their heads together to create the ultimate in robust accessories. They’re not only meeting mid-way on the 820 kilometers of highway separating The Hague from Zurich but also have a shared love for good, functional design which shines through in the finished products here.

A Wallet Like No Other

For those of you that like to make a bit of a mark with your choice of EDC and accessories, the F705 Secrid X Freitag Wallet is the ideal choice for your pocket. This cracking accessory is all about offering security for your cards on the inside and a robust protective finish on the outside and it’s here that the two brands have collaborated so well. The Secrid aluminum Cardprotector is as precise in its design and finishing as a Swiss watch movement and delivers the same kind of security for up to six credit cards and notes.

The F705 Secrid x Freitag Wallet has a sleeve enclosing it which is crafted from recycled truck tarp and is available in more colours than you can shake a stick at and each one will be unique to its owner courtesy of the fact it has been made from a different piece of tarp. The truck tarps used in these eye-catching wallets have spent the first part of their lives on lorries traversing the highways of Europe and are not winging their way to your pocket in the shape of these uber cool looking accessories.

Compact in nature and offering the ultimate in security, the card protector from Secrid holds up to six credit cards that are shielded from unwanted RFID wireless communication and will effortlessly slide out from the case at the touch of a button. The casing around the interior card protector from Freitag is just as impressive and boasts a money flap to hold a few old-fashioned banknotes and coins for emergencies and provides extra room for another two cards in each of its two tarp pockets.

EDC Essential

If you’ve grown weary of a wallet that is wearing out, you can rest assured that this superb collaboration between Secrid and Freitag is made of tougher stuff. Fantastically well crafted from one of the most robust materials available, these excellent looking wallets are right up our street here at The Coolector and you’ll be pleased at the RFID blocking capabilities that they deliver in the increasingly card fraud society.

We’ve featured the products of Freitag on the pages of The Coolector a few times now and have always been impressed with their tangible quality and how they’ve repurposed a material that would otherwise go to waste. These great looking wallets continue that tradition of wowing us and we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these first class pieces of everyday carry.

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