Fallen Furniture The Bomb Drinking Cabinet

We’re certainly partial to the odd tipple here at Coolector HQ but even we hadn’t really considered something quite so grandiose as this stunning The Bomb Drinking Cabinet from Fallen Furniture but now that we’ve seen it, it’s all that we can think about and we’d very much like to see one of these stunning creations nestled, pride of place, in the centre of our headquarters.

Fallen Furniture are a British company who endeavour to craft eye-catching and functional pieces of furniture which have been made from reclaimed materials from both civilian and military aircraft and their stunning The Bomb Drinking Cabinet is certainly the one that appealed most to our sensibilities at The Coolector. Creating original, one of a kind pieces of furniture is something that really sets Fallen Furniture apart and we’re in no doubt there will be plenty of interest in such an unusual and striking piece of design as The Bomb Cabinet.

Made from a Aircraft part: R.A.F. MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb, it is hard not to be wowed by this stunning piece of design and it seems almost too good to keep your grog in such is the level of skill that has gone into its craftsmanship but we’d love to have all manner of craft ales sitting proudly in this extraordinary feat of design. The level of exclusivity with The Bomb Drinking Cabinet is unparalleled and only one will be made so if you like what you see, time is of the essence. Check out a few more shots below:






A mightily impressive construct indeed, The Bomb Drinks Cabinet is finished with mirror-polished aluminium and steel exterior which opens up to reveal a spectacularly crafted interior which boasts a polished brass and lacquered black American walnut shelving system and door inlays. In addition to this, custom-made, copper cocktail utensils finish off a utterly jaw-dropping drinks storage solution. And we want it very badly.

Price: £TBA

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