Farer Pilot Series

Farer are undoubtedly one of our favourite British watchmakers here at The Coolector so we were understandably excited when they announced a new series of pilot watches which, as it happens, is one of our favourite types of timepiece. If you’ve been following the work of Farer for a while, there will be a pleasing familiarity to this new range but with some extra aviation awesomeness thrown into the mix to boot.

The Farer Pilot Series of watches boasts a soft-iron Faraday cage, which is designed to conduct magnetic interference away from the movement to ensure reliable timekeeping wherever your adventures take you – on land and in the skies. While the utilitarian aesthetics and bold dial designs allow clear legibility in the most demanding and unforgiving of conditions. Built for contemporary explorers, above the clouds or on the ground, we’re loving this new Pilot range from Farer here at Coolector HQ.

Eyes on the Skies

Legibility is the most important aspect of a pilot watch and these ones from Farer definitely don’t disappoint in this regard. The dials reflect on their original objective in the cockpit as no-nonsense and reliable navigational instruments with high legibility at the core of the distinctive designs. Following the function over form mantra, the dials on these watches have been reduced to the bare essentials with bold hands, clear markings and controlled use of colour.

The physically big 38mm dials of the Farer Pilot Collection of watches are a bold but very wearable size and this is cleverly accomplished by being held in a pure vertical 39mm case – which creates the very maximum size dial without having an overly large external shaped case on the wrist. Intricate solid castings and fine applications of the highest Grade A Super-LumiNova pigments have been made use of across this majestic, aviation inspired collection to provide the highest possible afterglow performance.

Pilot’s watches were born from form, function and necessity. A cockpit is one of the most magnetic environments a watch will likely face and can have detrimental effect on a timepiece – slowing, speeding or even stopping a movement. Courtesy of Farer’s Faraday soft-iron inner cage – any harmful magnetic fields are neutralised around the Swiss Made SELLITA SW200-1 movement, and provide a high level of anti-magnetic protection at ISO 764 Certification: 500 Gauss.

Take Your Pick

There are three different watches to choose from within Farer’s Pilot Collection – the Morgan (£775), the Cayley (£775) and the Bradfield (£775) and they each have their own aesthetic merits that set them apart from one another and you’re sure to find the one that best tallies with your own horological sensibilities.

Getting a pilot watch of this calibre for under £1000 is a pretty occurrence truth be told and we’re loving each of the timepieces in Farer’s new collection here at Coolector HQ. The quality is tangible and if you’re in the market for a high quality timepiece without the wallet wounding price tag, look no further.

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