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As June hits its stride and the weather looks like it’s going to play ball then thoughts inevitably turn towards backyard BBQs. If you’ve got grilling in mind for the next few months and need a new ally in this regard, look no further than the Ferno Grill. Perfect for being master of the flame this summer, the Ferno Grill comes from a California based workshop who are dedicated to delivering the best grilling experience possible.

The Ferno Grill boasts a proprietary firewheel that lets you adjust the height of your burners – and the flame – which, in turn, means you can sear your food without burning it and slow cook dishes to perfection. This amazing looking grill definitely makes a visual statement in the garden as well and we’re loving its industrial aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. For anyone seeking out a new, high quality grill for the BBQ endeavours, look no further.

Get Your Grill On

Backyard BBQs are one of the most enjoyable elements of the summer months and you can knock things up a notch with these brilliant looking and performing Ferno Grills. If you want to be the master of the grill, this is the one for you. Ferno wanted to reinvent this cooking tool which has been more or less unchanged for the last half century. In order to achieve this, they engineered adjustable burner heights, insisted on cast iron grates, and obsessed over every last detail to truly revolutionize the gas grill and make cooking a joy.

The Ferno Grill has a fire wheel that gives you ultimate control over how you cook your food. Turn right to raise the burners so the flame is close to the grates—perfect for heating up the grill and searing. Turn left to lower the flame away—ideal for slow cooking because it evenly bathes the food in heat. Ferno choose cast iron grates over stainless steel due to the fact they give you a more consistent cooking surface that evenly distributes and holds the heat—goodbye hot and cold spots.

Made of sturdy stuff, these Ferno Grills are crafted from high end materials and rock-solid construction which will make sure your grill will withstand both the elements and the test of time. Ferno also built monster casters with all stainless hardware to make traversing uneven surfaces like grass or flagstone a breeze. Boasting a vast cooking footprint, a uniform (not tapered) hood height, an integrated warming zone, and two large, sturdy side tables with commercial grade, removable trays for taking food to the table.

Devil in the Detail

It’s the small touches which truly help set these Ferno Grills apart from the competition. Some of the stand out ones include integrated lighting on the inside of the hood which shines a bright, wide beam on the grill for those evening backyard BBQs in low light conditions. And Ferno also tackled the grease tray issue that annoys so many regular grillers, by making it extra deep so you can empty it less often.

Grilling is something that most men love to do and if you’ve got a real hankering for it this summer and want to push the boat out a bit with your choice of grilling apparatus, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler looking or more accomplished offering than these Ferno Grills. Great cooking control means you’ll be able to make meats exactly as you like them and there will be no more wing and a prayer with the type of cook achieved.

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