Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series I

There are some cars which you see and just can’t help but be entirely agog and, it’s fair to say, this Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series I which is available to buy from German luxury car specialists, Schaltkulisse, definitely falls into that bracket. As classy as they come, this majestic looking steed has a Don Draper-esque level of cool which will add a whole new dimension to any classic car collector’s lineup.

This Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series I from Schaltkulisse was manufactured back in 1961 (which is a particularly good decade for the Italian carmakers) and has just 69,000km on the clock. It is presented in phenomenally good condition and, as you might expect, this one definitely doesn’t come cheap with a price tag just shy of €400k.

Phenomenal Ferrari

The 250 series of cars from Ferrari are some of the most iconic and sought after from the brand, and for good reasons. Their success is largely due to the excellent Colombo V12 engine that powered them. The 250 GTE, Ferrari’s first production four-seater, was no exception. On top of its amazing mechanics, the body was a sophisticated design signed by Pininfarina. The first iteration, bearing the full name 250 GTE 2+2 Series I, was built only 299 times and is, therefore, one of the rarest GTE’s.

This beautiful Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series I from Schaltkulisse (€375k) was finished in May of 1961 and delivered a month later to Ferrari Hollywood, USA. It wore a body finished in Nero 10036 MM and an interior trimmed in Grigio VM 3230 Connolly leather. It has been repainted a few times during its history but is currently presented with a black exterior and tobacco leather interior.

Currently residing in Munich, the car has had recent restorative work which was carried out by official Ferrari dealer Saggio in Munich. Today, the car is presented with its original matching numbers engine. The body and paint are in great condition, and it runs smoothly. A great 60’s Pininfarina Ferrari for long journeys at the fraction of the cost of a 250 Lusso, with enough seats for the whole family.

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