Ferrari 330 America

More often than not, the Ferrari brand finds its way into the hands of ‘influencers’ – those with plenty of money, but little to no interest in the vehicle they are buying beyond the flash badge. As a result, the only prancing horse you can feasibly buy as a car lover is one that’s been around the block once or twice. Enter – the 330 America. 

More specifically, this 1963 330 America finished in gorgeous Azzurro Acrilico with the incredibly rare blue leather interior to match. Only a mere 50 examples were produced of this model, with only 30 original cars estimated to still be on the road. Numbers like that make this one of the rarest road-going Ferraris money can buy.


 The 330 was an odd, yet beautiful creation – sitting between the fabled 250 GTE and significantly less handsome 330 GT 2+2, it gives lucky buyers the best of both worlds. See although the 250 was absolutely stunning, it lacked the performance to be a true world beating GT car thanks to its small(ish) 3.0 litre V12 engine.

The Colombo 12 cylinder was upgraded with a view to bringing Ferrari’s GT class car up to speed for the new 330 GT, being bored out to 4.0 litres and producing a much more sporting 300hp. However, that stunning shape of the 250 just had to have the chance to live up to it’s full potential, so before resigning it to the history books, 50 cars were produced with the new power unit creating – the 330 America. 

The car in front of you is chassis no. 5061GT – number 36 of the 50 built. After spending it’s early years between Ohio and California, it left the USA bound for Europe in 1990 – still in original condition. After 13 years in Europe where it was meticulously cared for, it was then bought by Texan Steve Patti, coming home to North America after 23 years away. Over the next 5 years the vehicle was subject to a nut and bolt restoration costing an estimated $200,000. Like many restored prancing horses, all invoices/receipts remain with the car. 


Upon completion, the car was sold to Brit, Tony Best, after much bargaining at a chance meeting within the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed. He then entrusted the car to world renowned Ferrari service partner Joe Macari of London, who further restored the car at a cost of £100,000. As a result, chassis 5061GT is one of the finest examples of the 330 America in existence today. Though the car was completed with exclusively OEM parts, a few original pieces remain including the ashtray and retro 1960’s speakers.

The net result is that climbing inside the cabin will take you right back to 1963, blasting down the Italian coast with 300 V12 powered horses under your right foot. As expected with this one, POA is a given – if you have to ask, you simply can’t afford it. Though for the lucky few who can, this is a usable classic that will not only make you smile from ear to ear every time you drive or even simply gaze upon it but continue to skyrocket in value far into the future.

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