Field Company Skillet

There are few things more rewarding than cooking a delicious meal outside and this is invariably easier said than done unless you’ve got the right tools for the job – tools like this excellent looking Field Company Skillet which is currently funding over on Kickstarter.

The Field Company Skillet is an American classic meticulously redesigned with a modern twist that makes it ideally suited to today’s outdoor adventurers. What really sets this superb piece of cookware apart is its lightweight nature because anyone who has used a cast iron skillet previously, they can be a weighty piece of apparatus. Not so with the Field Company Skillet which actually weighs in at less than a 13″ Macbook so it will be a doddle to port it out into the great outdoors and cook up a storm.

It gets better each time you use it due to the materials used in its design and when it comes to cooking outdoors in nature, the skillet is one of the most versatile items that you can have and they don’t get much better than this one from Field Company. Check out a few more shots below:










If you consider yourself quite the outdoors chef and want to ramp up the quality of your cooking implements over the next few months, you need to get behind this great Field Company Skillet over on Kickstarter. It has positively flown past its funding target and this is testament to the number of people who are hankering after a robust, lightweight skillet for their outdoor cookouts.

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