Fielder’s Choice Baseball Glove Wallets

We’re pretty serious about our EDC here at Coolector HQ and always find ourselves on the hunt for cool new brands to get into our line. So far as wallets are concerned, we’ve just found one of our favourites to date in 2019 in the shape of Fielder’s Choice and their superb line up of Baseball Glove Wallets, made from repurposed vintage baseball gloves. If you’ve got a love of the sport and the need for a classy looking wallet this summer, look no further.

At Fielder’s Choice they strive to turn the leather they love, in the shape of vintage baseball gloves, into the products we need – namely, awesome looking wallets that are also mighty functional to boot. Taking design inspiration from the everyday hustle of Baseball’s Golden Era, Fielder’s Choice Goods was established in 2012 to revive vintage baseball gloves and give them a new lease of life by making them into functional products we use daily – wallets. Fielder’s Choice Goods is about preserving American culture and the pursuit of the American Dream and that’s something we can get on board with here at Coolector HQ.

An Icon in your Pocket

There is an undeniable allure to vintage baseball gloves and the fact that Fielder’s Choice have made these perhaps unloved relics into fantastic new accessories is something that should be applauded. You can pick from a variety of different wallet styles and there are pieces to suit every budget out there upon their digital shelves. It is all about giving new life to their favourite artifacts and constructing timeless leather goods that honour the memories, history, and heritage of America’s greatest institutions and pastimes.

The devilishly dapper Fielder’s Choice Baseball Glove Wallets are available in a range of Classics and Limited Editions which are particularly appealing given their exclusive nature and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Every piece to be found in the FC Goods Classics Series of wallets is crafted with the finest quality, full grain steerhide and paired with vintage baseball glove leather that has been hand selected to create a truly one-of-a-kind wallet that will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your EDC considerably and serve as a talking point every time you get it out of your pocket.

With prices starting at just $75 for the Classic Money Clip, the wallets from Fielder’s Choice don’t break the bank but they do make sure that you’ve got a great looking and fantastically functional accessory in your pocket that will only look better the more you use it and the more adventures you take it on. You can choose from conventional bifold wallets or the more contemporary card carry wallets which are typically better suited to the modern man who usually only has a few cards to carry at any given time.

Custom Creations

Fielder’s Choice know that baseball is in the blood for many men across America and they may well have their own glove, filled with personal memories. Not a problem – they offer custom made wallets that are crafted using your own old baseball glove and you just send them your own glove and their artisan leather workers handcraft it into beautiful, custom made wallet so that your memories can live on in a leather accessory unlike any other. Priced at $245, this is a great idea as a gift for any baseball lover in your life.

We love well made wares here at Coolector HQ and the fact that Fielder’s Choice are breathing new life into forgotten leather adds to their appeal still further. Ideal for the baseball lovers out there but stylish and striking enough to suit any man’s pocket, there is an ever changing roster of wallets to be found on their shelves so make sure you keep checking back regularly so as not to miss out on your ideal EDC ally.

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