Filippo Loreti Watches Review

When you think about wearing a luxury watch on your wrist, you usually have to factor in their considerable prices. Most luxury watchmakers on the market don’t have any timepieces available for under four figures, leaving entry-level watch enthusiasts out in the cold. However, there are brands out there aiming to buck the trend and offer affordable luxury timepieces that we can all enjoy. One such brand is Filippo Loreti, which, as reviewers agree, offers a first-class series of stylish and affordable high-end timepieces.

Unfortunately, the watchmaking market is currently saturated with either inaccessible high-end watches or low-quality entry-level timepieces that simply aim to make a quick buck and don’t care about providing quality that you can be proud of owning. Filippo Loreti is the polar opposite of this. They’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty to include as many luxurious features as possible and keep the prices affordable for the everyday man – and that’s something that we applaud them for here at Coolector HQ.

Filippo Loreti was founded by two brothers – Matas and Danielius Jakutis – who were driven by a desire to produce top-quality luxury watches without massively marked-up prices and make them much more accessible to a wider audience. As soon as you lay your eyes upon Filippo Loreti’s great collection, you’ll see that the brothers have well and truly accomplished their mission to disrupt the luxury watch industry.

Quality As Standard

Through a thorough analysis of supply chains in the watchmaking industry, the design team at Filippo Loreti achieved the Swiss watch quality that you see in timepieces costing more than £1,000 and reproduced it in their own watches, which go for under £250. Surprisingly, despite the price drop, the quality hasn’t suffered one bit. Filippo Loreti watches boast eye-catching and elegant Italian design and make use of the finest materials in their construction to deliver a quality timepiece that is unparalleled, especially at the price point at which they retail.

The prospect of owning a high-end, luxury timepiece without having to pay the lofty prices that they are known for definitely appeals to us here at The Coolector. There are plenty of other watch lovers out there eager to get their hands on one of Filippo Loreti’s watches, too – if their extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign is anything to go by.

It’s also clear they’ve gone to great length to stay true to the creative vision behind their watches. Filippo Loreti’s Venice Automatic watches have a Miyota 9100 movement with in-house modifications that delivers a performance like no other. The modifications make Filippo Loreti’s Venice Automatic the first watch in the world to feature a Miyota 9100 movement with a day & night dial – something they had to do to give the watch its distinctive face.

All The Luxury At A Fraction Of The Cost

Filippo Loreti’s timepieces positively exude luxury. The minute you lay your eyes on any of their watches, you’ll be immediately sold. The quality of this new watchmaker’s timepieces proves that they’ve got just as much experience in the field of watchmaking as more established names – such is the level of quality and aesthetic appeal.

We’re big fans of luxury watches here at Coolector HQ, and you’ll be amazed at just how many spectacular features have been crammed into these superb and affordable timepieces from Filippo Loreti. Amazing luxury at a spectacular price. What’s not to like?

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