Finchtail Tablet Stand

Simplicity is something that should be embraced in the world of design and it often makes for a much more functional and useful finished product and that’s exactly the case with these devilishly simple but patently awesome Finchtail Tablet Stand.

The Finchtail Tablet Stand is, as the name suggests, a stand for your tablet or smartphone and boasts an innovative design that screams design functionality with its clever features. Billed as being equal parts design, sustainability and common sense, the Finchtail is the sort of well thought out accessory that we favour at Coolector HQ and you can check out a few more shots below:


download (1)

download (2)

download (3)


If you’re after an extremely easy to put together, sustainable and affordable solution to keeping their tablet or smartphone steady to watch things, then the Finchtail is definitely right up there with the best of them. Admittedly, it was the branding and packaging which first garnered our attention with this excellent looking little product and that was created by Believe In and really brings what is a remarkably simple product to life.

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