Finger Hat Viking Helmet

Never has one thing been so utterly pointless but at the same time entirely essential as something we’ve just stumbled across here at Coolector HQ and that thing, sir, is these rather superb looking Finger Hat Viking Helmets from the Zulubo Store.

Now, it is almost certainly fair to say that no one specifically needs to wear a miniature Viking helmet on their finger but we’re willing to wager that after seeing this spiffing little 3D printed product, most of you are going to want to. For anyone who wants to ensure their digits make it into Valhalla, then one of these tiny helmets might be the ticket for ensuring such entry. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the capabilities of 3D printing so we here at The Coolector find it quite refreshing to see someone use it for something a good deal more tongue in cheek.

There are a variety of materials available and a whole host of colourways to choose from so if you want to suitably attire each of your fingers in a top notch Viking helmet then you certainly won’t be lacking in options. Check out a few more shots below:




If you’re after something entirely bereft of purpose but positively dripping in awesomeness then this superb example of humorous 3D printing will definitely tick all of the right boxes. We love little oddities such as this at The Coolector and whilst we fully realise that it’s not exactly revolutionary, it’s always entertaining to see people utilise their creativity in the manner exhibited by the Zulubo Store and we applaud it.

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