Fireside Industries Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove

With spring and summer right around the corner now, we’re definitely eagerly anticipating backyard BBQs and adventures out into the wild here at Coolector HQ and if, like us, you want the best cooking apparatus in the business, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this Fireside Industries Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This 12″x12″ wood-burning camp stove doesn’t allow your campfires or cookouts to scorch the Earth and it is perfectly practical and pleasingly portable to boot.

The Fireside Industries Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove on Kickstarter has an incredible price of just $69 for early bird supporters of the campaign – a saving of some $30 on what the intended final price of the product will be. This excellent outdoors accessory from Fireside Industries aims to counter the problem of building a fire directly on the ground and allows you to pack in and pack out your entire fire pit. It will burn your fuel down to a fine powdered ash which can then be easily dispersed or packed out. This does away with piles of burned ash and helps to reduce single use rock rings out in heavily used camping areas.

Robust Performance and Easy Set Up

One of the main reason that campers will love the Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove from Fireside Industries comes from just how effortless it is to set up and the fact it is crafted from no-nonsense materials to ensure it lasts the pace on all your outdoor excursions and adventures. With a set up time of a mere 90 seconds (or less), the Trailblazer opens up much like a simple camp chair. Each one is crafted from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless-steel alloys which means it will withstand the extreme temperatures of fires and charcoal without ever rusting.

Both incredibly portable and practical, the Fireside Industries Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove (from $69) on Kickstarter weighs in at 3 pounds, and this incredibly compact size makes it simple to pack in even the smallest compartments. It’s ideally suited for virtually any outdoor activity from kayaking in the great outdoors to backpacking adventures or even just in the backyard for an impromptu cook-out with craft beers aplenty.

The guys at Fireside Industries went to great lengths to find the ideal balance of portability and practicality with this Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove on Kickstarter. The Trailblazer is engineered small enough to pack into remote locations while managing to retain a practical size for cooking full meals and providing warmth on those chilly nights under the stars. It really is the best of both worlds and it has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Versatile Cooking

Not everyone will be wanting to cook in the same way when they’re camping and the versatile performance of the Fireside Industries Trailblazer is something that truly sets it apart. It has patented technology which allows for maximum airflow into your fire which delivers a near perfect burn every time. This means your fires will burn hotter with less smoke and they will also easier especially in wet terrain. Included in the kit is a unique tri-folding grill. This is designed to accommodate up to six burgers or a full-sized skillet of your favourite food.

Available for as little as $69 during the Kickstarter campaign, the Trailblazer Fire Pit / Camp Stove from Fireside Industries represents excellent value for money for any outdoors lovers looking for a better way to leave less of a mark during their wilderness or backyard cookouts. The Trailblazer doubles as a fire pit or grill which makes it more versatile than any other portable fire pit or camp stove. Enjoy your favourite camp meal cooked over charcoal then throw some logs on the pit to enjoy your meal fireside. Like what you’ve seen? Head on over to Kickstarter now to pre-order yours for a bargain price.

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