Fitzke Wood Paddle Board

Of all the water sports out there, paddle boarding definitely looks to be amongst the most serene and relaxing and though we’re yet to try our hand at the pursuit it’s definitely on the to-do list and, safe to say, when we do try it, our vessel of choice would be this extraordinary looking and sumptuously crafted Fitzke Wood Paddle Board.

The Fitzke Wood Paddle Board takes its design inspiration from the iconic planes and boats of the 1920s and this vintage aesthetic immediately makes it stand out in a world of much more modern looking paddle boards typically. Stylish, effortlessly elegant and boasting the sort of craftsmanship seldom seen, the Fitzke Wood Paddle Board really is a spectacular piece of design that any water sport enthusiast is going to appreciate.

Paddling Perfection

Amazingly detailed and one of the most striking vessels you’re likely to see out on the water, the Fitzke Wood Paddle Board is billed as a potent combination of experience & elbow grease and it’s hard to argue with that when you see the immense quality of the finished product. This first paddle board from Fitzke – monikered the Bootlegger – takes its name from the fact it uses the boats and planes of the Prohibition era as its design inspiration and we’re loving this old school look and feel of the paddle board here at Coolector HQ.

A rapid vessel, the Fitzke Wood Paddle Board tracks incredibly straight and boasts a water-resistant storage compartment which can be found nestled in the front of the board. This cool little hiding place is the signature design feature of The Bootlegger from Fitzke and is ideally suited for keeping anything from shoes or jackets to a few of your favourite bottles of craft beer – in the real Prohibition spirit.

With an eye-catching touring style design, this mesmerising paddle board is crafted from the best marine-grade mahogany plywood on the market and is made with under 10% solid wood, which ensures there is minimal-to-zero wood expansion due to weather and climate change. This is important because it makes sure that no wood and joinery splitting or cracks due to moisture occur and your Fitzke Wood Paddle Board remains master of the water for years to come.

Handsome Hand-Made Finish

There is a real tangible sense of quality to the Fitzke Wood Paddle Board and each one is built to order and carefully put together by hand to ensure the superior quality of every paddle board that heads out onto the water. The vessel itself has an ergonomic 5mm-thick SeaDek standing pad, an aluminium and PVC base rubber trim which keeps paddle dents and transportation scratches to a minimum and a fiberglass epoxy bottom and epoxy resin-impregnated sides and top, which guarantees a water-tight seal and the unparalleled robustness.

For anyone with a love of paddle boarding and fine vintage designs, this Fitzke Wood Paddle Board is going to be right up your street as it undoubtedly up ours here at The Coolector. Spectacularly well crafted from the finest materials, this amazing piece of design doesn’t just looking incredible, it boasts an unbelievable performance out on the water as well.

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