The Flaneur Society Guide to Getting Lost

There’s nothing, or at least few things, we enjoy more here at Coolector HQ than that of a good, old aimless wander around a city and, given the regularity with which we frequent London, we are given plenty of opportunity to sate this appetite. It would appear that we’re not the only ones who enjoy a ramble without any particular destination if this awesome looking Flaneur Society Guide to Getting Lost is anything to go by.

The Flaneur Society is the work of a talented designer by the name of Ellen Keith who bills herself as an interaction designer but she is also a lover of the pointless walk like us here at Coolector HQ and, out of this love, The Flaneur Society was born. She created said society as a response to Walter Benjamin’s book, Berlin Childhood Around 1900, and it is a simple guide of how to successfully get lost in a city by wandering without designated destination. Check out why we love this great looking guide below:





There’s much enjoyment to be had from just getting out your front door and just wandering off, though there are some cities in which you perhaps shouldn’t do it, and if you’re not sure where to begin with this endeavour, you’ll likely find everything that you need in The Flaneur Society’s Guide to Getting Lost will steer you in the right direction.

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