Don’t Call It That

The business of branding and advertising is something that appeals to us greatly here at Coolector HQ and our love of these professions extends further than our mere admiration of Mad Men and we’re always interested in getting a glimpse behind the curtain and seeing the processes that those in the branding and advertising professions routinely use.

This brilliant looking Don’t Call It That book from Eli Altman is billed as a work book for those who are struggling with the creative process of coming up with a name for their business, brand or product. What you name your product or brand is of the utmost importance given that it’s what people will see as synonymous with your offerings but, lamentably, it is also one of the most difficult things to get right but this Don’t Call It That book may help guide the befuddled on their journey to moniker magnificence.

Your name is the tip of the spear…

Most people will invariably tie themselves in knots and go round in circles when it comes to thinking up a name for their brand or product with most becoming preoccupied with trying to be unnecessarily clever and neglecting to consider the obvious and Don’t Call It That acts as a step by step guide to ensure you can overcame any potential pitfalls of the naming process.






Eli Altman is creative director of A Hundred Monkeys and he aims to take the stress out of the branding process with this simple to use guide that looks likely to yield results.

Describing the book as a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear, Don’t Call It That won’t pull any punches but will ensure that you end up with a name that sticks in the memory and doesn’t just fade into obscurity as is the case with many poorly named brands.

Price: $25

Available: Extra Curricular Press

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