Floating House Shelves

Shelves aren’t an interior design feature that will typically let one’s creativity soar but there are those occasions where people dare to be different and the end result is invariably something like these, frankly awesome, Floating House Shelves from Canadian furniture design, Judson Beaumont, and his design studio Straight Line Design.

Inspired by post modern architecture of Palm Springs, Florida, the brilliant looking constructs are not like any conventional shelves that you will have encountered before and if you want to make your wall space look like Charles Eames’ has had his way with it then the Floating House Shelves by Straight Line Design might just be the way to go. Made from the leftover materials from Beaumont’s workshop, these ace looking shelves definitely have our attention at Coolector HQ and we can think of few things we want to hold our accumulated clutter than these top notch designs.

Plans are afoot to produce a whole series of these types of shelves in the future with different forms of architecture – such as warehouses and various architectural icons – so if the post modern ones aren’t doing it for you, you just need to hold out a little longer. Check out a few more shots below:

Judson-Beaumont-House-Shelves-6 Judson-Beaumont-House-Shelves-2 Judson-Beaumont-House-Shelves-4

Whilst we’d be likely to be keeping craft beer and so forth on the shelves as opposed to miniature Eames’ chairs, the principal remains the same and there’s no doubting that these eye-catching pieces of design will really bring any home or office to life. Shelves can be quite boring by their very definition so it is always heartening to see designers like Beaumont thinking outside the box.

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