In the opinion of The Coolector, smartphones are the best thing since sliced bread so it stands to reason that something like Foaster should exist. If you’re looking for a cool and unusual docking station for your iPhone then you’ll find exactly that in the Foaster which, as you can patently see, looks like your everyday toaster.

The Foaster is the brainchild of Covena Design who operate out of Lexington and this impressive looking bit of kit is currently seeking a bump via crowd sourcing behemoths Kickstarter. So, if you want to do away with your mundane charging station and opt for something a bit more exceptional then this Foaster will tick all of your boxes for sure.

The kitchen is one of the most common places that people charge their iPhones so having a common kitchen utensil as the docking point will definitely look the part which is why we here at The Coolector fully expect the Foaster to reach its Kickstarter target. And, if it doesn’t, chances are we’ll end up putting our iPhones in the toaster anyway. And there’s no winners to be had there. Check out a few shots of the Foaster below:

Black Silver Studio

Black Gold Remove

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