Foiler Flying Yacht

We’ve seen a lot of madcap contraptions in our time here at Coolector HQ and we’ve got another belter to add to the list in the shape of this rather extraordinary looking Foiler Flying Yacht which is certainly going to turn plenty of admiring glances your way if you’re lucky enough to take one out on the open water. This stunning steed is about as luxurious and James Bond-esque as it gets and, as you might expect, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

The Foiler Flying Yacht is quite unlike any vessel of its kind and delivers an out of this world performance that needs to be seen to be believed. This incredible machine lets you sail above the water at a rather impressive 40 knots and in considerable comfort. It boasts an avant-garde propulsion system which combines two diesel and electric 320hps BMW engines, along with ENATA’s custom electric torpedoes, which means this mesmerising machine is completely redefining sailing and day cruising.

Soaring Performance

What is immediately apparent about the Foiler is that it’s no ordinary yacht and that’s because it has a hydro-foiling system, which enables this stunning boat to soar 1.5m above the water, delivering an unmatched experience, that puts speed and reactivity front and centre. With a really unique aesthetic that has elegant, clean lines from a design point of view, the Foiler Flying Yacht lets you experience a unique sense of serenity and luxury at high-speeds.

The Foiler Flying Yacht is anchored in the water courtesy of four powerful foils which make it both extremely stable and capable of dealing with wave interference you’re likely to encounter out on the open water. Extremely easy to pilot and offering the ultimate in comfort, the Foiler Flying Yacht will make any time out at sea a relaxing and memorable experience – not to mention turning plenty of heads in the process.

Highly futuristic aesthetically and undeniably luxurious courtesy of the retractable foils and bold, eye-catching visuals, this is the sort of vessel you drive if you want to get noticed. The Foiler Flying Yacht is designed to carry up to eight passengers and has a  fully carbon fibre hull which has been designed not just for the James Bond look, but is also because it ensures easier takeoff, a smooth landing, and comfortable sailing even when not using the foils.

A Ride To Remember

The minute you step aboard the Foiler Flying Yacht, you know you’re going to be in for an unforgettable experience such is its breathtaking visuals and stunning aquatic performance. It has two 320hp hybrid engines which give it the speed and power it requires whilst also being able to cruise in full electric mode, which means it can reduce the overall fuel consumption by 20% in comparison to a traditional yacht.

If you’ve got a love of luxury and spending time out at sea, this Foiler Flying Yacht is certainly going to be right up your street. Made to order and positively dripping in luxurious design features, these aren’t going to be the sort of boat that Joe average will be riding around but if you’ve got the requisite funds for such an extravagance, it doesn’t get much better than this from a style and performance point of view.

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