Ostrich Pillow Loop

We remember seeing the first product from the team at Studio Banana, the Ostrich Pillow, emerging a few years ago and thinking it looked awesome but bonkers and we’re glad to see that they haven’t dialled down the crazy over the years because their latest release, the Ostrich Pillow Loop, looks just as unusual as their flagship product and, importantly, just as comfortable.

The Ostrich Pillow Loop is billed as being the most stylish eye pillow on the market which delivers a cocoon of comfort to disconnect from the outside world and fall asleep in the blink of an eye, wherever you want, whenever you want. If you’re a frequent traveller and find falling asleep on planes and trains problematic, this might just be the perfect solution for you and your sleeping needs.

Unparalleled Comfort

Getting comfortable when trying to catch some sleep on planes, on trains, in airports or almost anywhere that isn’t your bed or sofa, truth be told, can be difficult but with this Ostrich Pillow Loop from Studio Banana, the comfort levels have just got knocked up a notch. It is a is a sleek and lightweight eye pillow which provides an experience of supreme comfort and total blackout for you to relax wherever you’d like without any fuss and in exceptional comfort.

The Studio Banana Ostrich Pillow Loop really allows you to disconnect and unwind whilst travelling and it has the ideal amount of isolation from the outside world for you to get some well deserved shut eye when you need it. This clever little accessory might look a bit crazy but if you care more for comfort than how you look, then it’s definitely going to tick all of the right boxes in this regard.

Using a microbeads filling which effortlessly adapts to your head size and facial features, the Ostrich Pillow Loop successfully blocks out 99,9% of light and any other visual stimuli that is responsible for keeping you awake when you’d rather be asleep. It’s also compatible with headphones so if you’re the sort that likes to fall asleep with your favourite tunes playing then it will facilitate for that as well.

Practical & Simple To Use

Extremely portable and so simple to bust out whenever you feel like taking a nap, the Ostrich Pillow Loop really will make the lives of regular commuters that bit more relaxing and stress free. It has a compact design that takes up no space in your bag so wherever you’re heading, you can take your Loop with you if the opportunity arises to catch forty winks whilst on the go.

Funding on Kickstarter right now, this ace little accessory is right up our street here at Coolector HQ (given our inherent laziness and willingness to sleep anywhere) but if you, too, have liked what you’ve seen, you’ve still get ten days to get behind the campaign and pick up one of these sleep catalysts for a bargain price.

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