FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bags

So far as versatility is concerned few carries can hold a candle to a good old fashioned messenger bag but it’s fair to say that not all are created equal and we’ve encountered few better than these amazing looking FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bags funding over on Indiegogo right now.

If you’re after quality craftsmanship and impeccable functionality, you’ve come to the right place with the first rate FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bags which delivers both features in abundance. Billed as the last bag that you’ll ever need, this superbly conceived carry is overloaded with essential features and comes with a reassuring 100 year guarantee, such is the manufacturer’s confidence in the calibre of the craftsmanship.

Tangible Quality

Leather is a material that is tailor made for the manufacture of bags because of its robustness and aesthetic appeal and the FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag is described as the last that you’ll ever need to buy because of just how well it is made and the tangible sense of quality that it pervades. Made from top quality, full-grain buffalo leather, alongside eye-catching brass hardware, not to mention durable polyester stitching, everything found within one of these messenger bags from FOLK is essential and therein lies their beauty.

Indiegogo is home to some fantastic campaigns but it’s not everyday that you encounter the exceptional quality of these Buffalo Leather Messenger Bags from FOLK on a crowdfunding platform. Storage is a key feature of these brilliant bags and each one features five custom compartments to keep all your everyday carry protected on the go. There’s a sufficient space for a 15-inch laptop, tablet, notebook, phone, business cards and, on top of these commuting essentials, you’ll also find a big space for anything else you might need close at hand.

The FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag are crafted from the same grade of leather that horse saddles and leather work boots are made from so you needn’t have any concerns about the bag’s robustness and its capacity for putting up with everyday wear and tear. Taking the decision to join forces with an established leatherworks company who ensure to make their bags by hand using only traditional techniques and quality materials means that you’ll be treated to a bag of unparalleled quality with these first rate offerings from FOLK.

Exceptional Affordability

When you compare FOLK Leather Messenger Bags to their competitors of a similar ilk in the affordability stakes, it really is no comparison as they can be picked up for under $200 over on Indiegogo for the duration of their campaign. If you’re after your perfect next adventure or commuting carry, this will be a chief candidate for the job in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Supremely well crafted from the best materials available, the FOLK Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag doesn’t just look the part, it also lasts the distance and this is something reflected in the fact they come with a 100 year guarantee. We’re big fans of exceptional craftsmanship here at The Coolector and that’s exactly what’s on offer here.

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